After studying the symbolism and meaning of the dragonfly I decided to find information about the symbolism and meaning of magnolias. The reason was one of pics in the post about dragonflies, a photography with beutiful magnolias.

According to Dr. Kitty Bishop, magnolias are the flowers of divine beauty, life force and perfection: “The white magnolia flowers stand for purity and perfection. The pink magnolia flowers symbolize youth and innocence together with joy. The green magnolias represent joy coupled with health and good fortune. The purple magnolias send out vibrations that support your wishes for alignment with your truth and physical wholeness (health)… In art, specifically Chinese art, the magnolia is used as a symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty. In China, magnolia flowers are symbols of purity and nobility. In Japan, the magnolia is used as a medicinal and ornamental plant. The flower is called Hanakotoba in the Japanese system of flower symbolism. This means that the flower is sublime, natural and shows love for nature. Magnolias are associated with the life force and are often presented at births.”

I have found in that: “Magnolia meanings depend on the color of the flower and the immediate culture of the person giving and receiving the flowers. Usually, magnolias are given as presents from men to women as if the men are saying, “You are worthy of a beautiful magnolia.” A magnolia often symbolizes Yin, or the feminine side of life. White magnolias symbolize purity and dignity. In Victorian times, sending flowers was a discreet way of lovers sending messages to each other. Magnolias symbolized dignity and nobility. In ancient China, magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness. In the American South, white magnolias are commonly seen in bridal bouquets because the flowers are thought to reflect and emphasize the bride’s purity and nobility.”

According to “The magnolia flower meaning is attached with the symbols of nobility, perseverance, and love of nature. Soft and subtle in color yet strong in appearance, the flower is representative of the beauty encompassing femininity and gentleness. Often men prefer to gift their female partner the magnolia flowers, as an appreciation of their beauty.”

Or… with only one word. This is a total symbol of femininity, and if a woman want to expresses her femininity or other positive symbols and meanings of magnolias, she have to wear magnolias as designs of jewels, patterns of fabrics, applications, etc. I was very happy when I found a scarf with patterns of magnolias among my accessories…

Thank the wonderful photographer Sabina Bogdeva ( for the amazing pics in the beautiful park in Yambol!







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