Easy Pattern Making: Easy Dress 2

The easy pattern making of a lady’s dress, presented in Easy Pattern Making: Easy Dress is followed by another easy dress design. Like the first design, the arm holes are sinking with 2-3 cm by the shoulders and the shoulder traps are drawn with width of 4-5 cm. The front neckline is drawn with an arc and it is a little deeper than the neck opening in the first model. The main difference in the front is the bust darts position, which are transformed in the points of intersection between the waist line and side seams.

I love the dress from the pics. It is made using presented construction from light cotton gold beige fabric with fine embroideries. The combination of the light material and the accurate cut has made a very comfortable dress. That and the beautiful sunny color make me always ready for traveling and walking… And when I am going to travel this is one of my preferred dresses… And I have visit very interesting places like the Temple of Zeus in Athens and Hydra Island wearing one of my favorite dress.


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